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Children and Young Adults

Programs & Levels

AOS Programs

There are three different types of Azbukum Online Serbian programs: Regular, Focus and Speak-up.  

Each program consists of different courses and is based on a carefully created curricula for levels from absolute beginners to solid intermediate.

The programs differ in its structure as well as in its function.

While Regular courses are made for gradual study, Focus and Speak-Up courses are aimed at exploring and polishing targeted field(s) such as vocabulary, grammar and speaking.

All three programmes make a fantastic blend of apporaches to learning the Serbian language.

You are given the possibility to choose one of the programs or to create your own combination of programs. Either enroll in regular courses and build your knowledge by completing course by course, or start with one of the regular courses, and add a focus or speak up course to have additional practice.  Make an online study that best suits your needs. more

 Course Levels

The Azbukum Online Serbian consists of three basic language levels: A1 (Beginners), A2 (Elementary) and B1 (Intermediate). The levels are based on the Azbukum Scale acredited by the Ministry of Education of Republic of Serbia and synhronized with the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEF).

Potential AOS participants are adviced to take the Placement test prior to deciding which level should they apply to. There is a "Test Your Serbian" button along the AOS site and the test is free of charge. If you have any doubts or feel like you need advice before applying, please do not hesitate to contact  the AOS team. We will be happy to help.

Regular Program Levels

Wishing to meet the needs of various potential candidates, the Azbukum team of experts created Regular Online courses in smaller portions and divided them in sub-levels to stand as independent courses (A1.1 + A1.2, A2.1 + A2.2, B1.1 + B1.2).

Focus Program Levels

Focus courses are aimed at wider fields of levels: Beginners (A1), Elementary (A2), Intermediate (B1). It is important to take the Placement test and see your current level of knowledge.

List of different topics is given for each level. Each topic offers various grammar and vocabulary exercises, listening tasks and video segments for further expressions development. Grammar explanations, as well as audio scripts for listening and video segments are also enclosed. You are free to create your own package by chosing 10 topics.  

Here is an extract from the Focus list of topics for Beginner Level (A1).


Speak-Up Levels

Speak-Up courses are aimed at wider fields of levels: Beginners (A1), Elementary (A2), Intermediate (B1), Upper-Intermediate (B2), and Advanced (C1). It is in your interest to take the Placement test before deciding to enrol. 

Group study

Speak-Up program offers a great possibility of meeting others who study Serbian around the Globe, or even joining the classes that take place in the Azbukum premisses.

Individual study

You can chose to study individualy in small portions of time with 30 or 60 minutes per day. It is an excellent addition to the Regular program in terms of streghtening your speaking skills.

Exclusive one-on-one study

There is also a possibility of having  an exclusive one-on-one study with Azbukum professor. This type of a program covers individualy tailored 30 sessions, each lasting 45 minutes. Participants is sent course materials published by the Azbukum Centre. Please write to AOS for more info 


If you are willing to study in a group (various sizes available), let the AOS team know what suits you best. We will send you the schedule and inform you on available places. We have to know your level prior to checking available group terms. 
When taking individual Speak-Up course, you can create your own schedule with a professor entitled to work with you.

Speak-Up Topics

Each group is given one topic per session, adapted towards the group’s level. There will be a list of words, common expressions and phrases given at the start of each session.  Sometimes, especially at higer levels (B2 or C1), a reading passage or a link to a video will be sent a day in advance to make you prepared for the session.

Prior to enrolling to Speak-Up Program, you are adviced to contact the AOS team and tell us more about your specific needs.