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Children and Young Adults

Questions and Answers

Have a look at instructions given in How to Enrol?

Each type of AOS study (Regular, Focus, or Speak-up) has got its valid fee list. There is also a possibility of combining type of study at the same time, and then you may get discounts. Have a look at the AOS Fees.

Everything is online. You do not need additional material. You may create your own online notes along the program and keep a record on your study.

AOS offers courses for those at absolute beginners’ level (A1.1) to a strong intermediate level (B1.2). For the Speak Up courses AOS offers higher levles such as B2 and C1.

If you already hold some knowledge of Serbian, you are strongly advised to take the Placement test. By doing so, you will get more clear idea on your knowledge level in accordance to Azbukum scale of learning Serbian. Together with the Test results, AOS experts will send you advice on which courses and levels are most adequate for you. Of course, you can always apply for lower or higher level than yours. It is on your personal judgment and AOS may not take any responsibility for your final decision(s).

Yes, you are more than welcomed to make your own combination of courses. If you, for example, start a regular course and see that you need extra practice, either in grammar/vocabulary or in development of speaking skills, you may add a Focus and/or Speak-up course. Certain discounts apply to those who enrol to more than one course (two of the same type), or type of courses. Please, see our Fees for more details.

They are charged on a pay as you go base. The fee applies to a course (Regular type), package (Focus & Speak up type), or combination of different course(s) and, or package(s).

Regular course consists of 10 lessons (lessons + exercises + audio + video).

Focus package consists of your personal choice of 10 fields out of more than 30 fields offered per each level. You “create” your package deciding what is most important for your additional practice: exercises in grammar and vocabulary/situational practice.

Speak-up package consists of 10 sessions lasting 15 or 30 minutes. They can be organized individually or in small/regular groups. All types of courses are aimed at basic, elementary, and intermediate levels.

Payment can be done via

  1. Banking swift
  2. Pay pall
  3. Cash

For more info on the payment, please contact