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Children and Young Adults


Lessons & Revision Test

Each regular online Serbian course consists of ten lessons and
five Stop & Check revision tests.
It is estimated that approximately two to three hours are needed
to complete one lesson and up to one hour for each test.
Basically there are up to 30 hours of work per each course/level.

Every task in this lesson may be retaken an unlimited number of times. At any point you may check your answers by clicking on „Check my answers" button. Also, the correct answers for every task are available. In order to move on to the next lesson, you need to complete all the tasks and to go through all the sections of the previous lesion.

After every two lessons, a revision Stop & Check test is given.
All segments done it two previous lessons will be tested.

After every two lessons you will have a revision test, designed for you to practice all the sections covered in the previous two lessons (vocabulary, grammar, etc.). While doing the test, you will not be able to check the answes nor to make changes to tasks you’ve already finished. Upon completion of the test, your results will be displayed. It is required for you to have at least 62% of correct answers in order to pass the test. You may retake the test in case you didn’t pass. After taking the test for the seccond time, regardless of the score, you will be able to move on to the next lesson.

Maximum course’s length?

There is a limit of 12 weeks within which you are supposed 
to complete each course. 
You may go back to lessons done, repeat segments given 
and prepare for the coming Stop & Check. 
As long as your course is active you can freely go back and repeat all the previous lessons. 
Once the course is completed, a PDF file covering most important segments of the course will be delivered for your record. 

Need a break? Fine!

If you need a break due to personal or professional plans – it is fine! 
You can take one break per course, lasting one to four weeks. 
The break period can simply be initiated by clicking „time off“ on your Profile Page. 
During the break you will not be able to log into your course. 
You will be sent an email message to remind you of the break expiration. 
Failure to log in to the course after the break and start your study again, may result 
in cancelling the program. Thereafter you would need to register again with a new payment. 
If you decide to shorten your time off you just need to send an email to AOS 
and we will activate your course again.

Certificate? Yes!

All AOS students get a Certificate upon finishing their Regular course.

A1.1 Absolute Beginners

A1.2 Semi-Beginners

A2.1 Elementary 1

A2.2 Elementary 2

B1.1 Intermediate 1

B1.2 Intermediate 2

Azbukum Serbian language programs are accredited by the Serbian Ministry of Education.