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Children and Young Adults

Children and Young Adults

Children and Young Adults

An outstanding Serbian online program

<p>Independent <br>AOS</p>


interactive courses 
without a teacher

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<p>Online <br>Courses</p>


with Azbukum teachers

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<p>On Site <br>Courses</p>

On Site 

in Azbukum
individual or group study

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<p>Az Buki <br>Serbian Club</p>

Az Buki 
Serbian Club

virtual gathering in Serbian

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<p>Az Buki <br>Serbian Camp</p>

Az Buki 
Serbian Camp

summer time in Serbia

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Programs and Ages

Azbukum Online Serbian (AOS) platform offers specially designed programs for teaching Serbian to children ages 3 to 6 and 7 to 11, or youth ages 12 to 17. These programs represent a collection of various types of courses which are adapted for distance study, outside of the classroom.
Independent AOS courses are aimed at studying online, without a teacher. They are fully interactive and fitting to different ages and levels of knowledge of Serbian. Younger children (e.g. 3-6) may not be able to enjoy all aspects of the platform independently. They might need some help from older family members.
Online AOS Courses are organized via Zoom or Skype with open entrance to additional content offered by AOS platform. Third type of online programs is Az Buki Serbian Club.

Besides the online, Azbukum offers programs in Serbia. There are courses on site, in Azbukum premises in Novi Sad or Belgrade, as well as Az Buki Serbian Camps, during summer periods.
For more information, please write to or explore more here.

Independent AOS

These courses are aimed at studying Serbian without a teacher. With carefully tailored content that perfectly suits age and level of a pupil, Serbian can be mastered gradually. Younger children aged 3 to 6 can enjoy the programs without a need to write if they are not ready for this. However, all the courses are designed in a very interesting, dynamic and challenging manner, yet with lots of fun and play, so the language learning process goes smoothly.
Independent AOS courses cover levels from the absolute beginners (A1.1) to upper advanced (B2.2) for the ages from 3 to 17. There are no special requirements to enrol into any of the programs.
A desire to learn Serbian is the only requirement needed.
If a potential student has got some previous knowledge of Serbian he/she needs to take an online Diagnostic Test prior to starting a suitable program.
All explanations and instructions within the courses on the platform are given in Serbian and English for the levels from absolute beginners (A1.1) to low intermediate (A2.1). For the upper levels only Serbian is used. It is the student’s choice which language version he/she likes more.
Independent AOS can start whenever one wants. Depending on satisfaction gained upon completing one of the courses, a student can keep going with his/her future studies by applying to the next course and higher level.

Course Name
Course Level and Code
Teaching Materials
My Serbian 1
Beginner MS1
My Serbian 1
Intermediate MS2

These courses are made for beginners or those with a very low level of Serbian (My Serbian 1) or for intermediate level (Moj Serbian 2) for the children with fairly good knowledge of Serbian.
Each course consists of numerous „packages“ of 5 lessons each.
By completing one package after another every child will be led from zero to a solid elementary level of Serbian.
Every lesson in each package includes a PDF material and there is no need for additional course books. There are also lots of animated videos, interactive games and audios to help learning and keep the student motivated.

Course Name
Course Level and Code
Teaching Materials

Az Buki 1
course for absolute beginners or those who do not speak much of Serbian (Level A1.1)

Beginner 1 AB1

Az Buki 2
course for those who already know some Serbian but do not have rich vocabulary neither they can speak Serbian without hesitation and mistakes (Level A1.2)

Elementary 2 AB2

„Az Buki Srpski 1”: course book, work book and audio collection.

Az Buki Srpski
Course Name
Course Level and Code
Teaching Materials

AOS for Teens 1
is a course for absolute beginners (Level А1.1).

Beginner 1
AM А1.1

AOS for Teens 2
is a course for those who already possess some knowledge but are still weak in expressing themselves and understanding others (Level 1.2).

Beginner 2
AM А1.2

Course book: „Az Buki Srpski Plus“

Az Buki Plus

AOS for Teens 3
is a program consisting of two courses: Elementary 1 and 2. Each of the courses has four topics (Level А2.1)

Elementary 1
AM А2.1

Elementary 2
AM А2.1

AOS for Teens 4
is a program consisting of two courses: Elementary 3 and 4. Each of the courses has four topics (Level А2.2).

Elementary 3
AM А2.2

Elementary 4
AM А2.2

Course book „Az Buki Srpski 2“

Az Buki Srpsli 2

AOS for Teens 5
(Level B1) is a program consisting of two courses: Intermediate 1 (B1.1) and Intermediate 2 (B1.2).

Intermediate 1
ST B1.1

Intermediate 2
ST B1.2

Course book:„Az Buki Srpski 3“ (lessons 1 to 8)

Az Buki Srpski 3

AOS for Teens 6
(Level B2) is a program consisting of two courses: Upper Intermediate 1 (B2.1) and Upper Intermediate 2 (B2.2).
It is aimed at those who are very good at Serbian but would like to refresh and polish their knowledge.

Upper Intermediate 1
ST B2.1

Upper Intermediate 2
ST B2.2

Course book:„Az Buki Srpski 3“ (lessons 9 to 16)

Az Buki Srpski 3

ONLINE COURSES with Azbukum teachers

These courses are based on live classes via Zoom or Skype, led by Azbukum professors. The lesson lasts from 30 to 90 minutes depending on the age of a student. Classes are arranged once or twice a week, or sometimes even more intensive. Schedule is arranged prior to the course’s start. Together with the classes, the student gets course materials with the classes (either as PDF or printed books sent to his/her address) plus entrance code to practice more on the Azbukum Online platform (AOS).
Various topics, reading and listening passages, video segments and interactive grammar tasks, all of it makes excellent ground for great enjoyment while studying and a fast improvement in a short period of time. This type of courses can be organized as individual or group almost any time during the year. Usually group courses are set to start in late August or early September and last till the beginning of July. For more information, please email us at

Az Buki Serbian Club

The Club is a special place for virtual gathering for children and youth of all ages who learn and/or speak Serbian around the world. Twice a month in the evenings (Serbian time) various groups are invited to spend time speaking Serbian both with Azbukum professor and other classmates.
The groups are formed taking into account age and level of knowledge of students. Each session lasts between 30 and 60 minutes (depending on the age group) and is inspired by different topic each time.
Az Buki Serbian Club is a great place where students can meet new friends and use their Serbian.
These friendly ties based on the Serbian language may grow into long lasting friendships in the future.
The Club is open from October to July and covers 20 sessions. Students may apply for 10 or 20 sessions.

How to enrol to AOS for Children and Young Adults?

Interested parent/foster parent should

1. Fill in the Application form and Consent that his child can use the AOS platform.

2. Get in touch with Azbukum staff via

3. Choose a type of payment: Pay Pal, Bank Swift of card.

4. Make the payment.

5. Organize time for the child to take the Placement test. There is some previous knowledge of Serbian.

Upon completing the list of tasks, the program may start. Azbukum staff will send you email confirmation of acceptance and arrange the most suitable schedule for the classes.
For all additional information, please email us at or

Azbukum Serbian language programs are accredited by the Serbian Ministry of Education.