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Children and Young Adults

Terms & Conditions

1. General Information

1.1 Azbukum Online Serbian (hereinafter "AOS"), with its headquarters at Dragiše Brašovana 18, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia, provides an online Serbian learning system with which Serbian language skills can be learned and extended in a carefully-structured and efficient manner under the Internet domain The services and products offered by AOS can be used via internet-compatible computer programmes (web browsers) on personal computers and mobile devices.

1.2 All contents of the AOS learning platform as well as the learning platform itself and all services offered on this platform are protected under trademark and copyright law. 

1.3 The Serbian Language Online learning is offered under different program types and displayed within the AOS platform. A selection of the programs and various combinations of them can be done by the User. When the selection is made, the User acquire access code(s) for a language learning package. After activation the User creates its password as an access to the language learning course(s) chosen. Selected program(s) of Serbian Language Online learning will be agreed with the User prior to completing his enrollment. Upon completing enrollment procedure (submitting Registartion form and making the payment) activation is open and the User is sent his access code to his email. Duration of each language program or combination of programs is given with the program’s description. 

1.4  The User must read these Terms & Conditions carefully so that it has the possibility to confirm, store and restore them. When it submits the order the User declares that he agrees with these Terms & Conditions and their inclusion in the contractual relationship for the acquisition of access codes.

2. Conclusion of contract

2.1 The listed service descriptions and fees offered by AOS do not constitute any binding offers, but serve the purpose of giving complete AOS information on programs and fees to the potential User.

2.2  After selection of the possible options the User will enter its further necessary data during the electronic registration process. By clicking the submit button, the User agrees with his choice of programs and is getting further insturctions on a payment procedure. 

2.3 During the registration process User is obliged to state a valid email address and to enter the further data in the areas marked as a mandatory field. In any case the submitted offer requires the acceptance by AOS.

2.5 After receiving its Registration form, the AOS sends the acceptance letter with confirmation of course choice(s), invoice for the payment, and payment instructions. All the content will be send to the email address transmitted during the registration process.

2.6 The automatic order processing and further contacts will, as a rule, take place by email. The User has to ensure that the email address entered by the User for the order processing is correct so that the emails sent by AOS can be received and called under this address. In particular when using spam filters it is to be ensured that all emails sent by AOS or by third parties commissioned with the order processing by AOS can be served.

2.7 The effective acceptance of its offer shall be carried out with the sending of the ordered access code in an electronic form to the e-mail address of the User entered with the order, insofar as not otherwise agreed. The conclusion of the contract between AOS and the User and the delivery of the acquired access code shall be carried out by no later than two (2) workdays after the sending of the offer. If AOS does not accept the User’s offer within the aforementioned deadline this shall be deemed as a rejection of the offer with the consequence that the User is no longer bound to its declaration of intent.

2.8  The invoice will be sent by e-mail. The User agrees to an invoice sent using electronic means with the submission of the order.

3. Prices and terms of payment

3.1 The prices published at the time when the order is submitted in the respective stated currency shall apply to the delivery. Insofar as not stipulated otherwise the stated prices concern end prices.

3.2 User can chose one of the offered payment methods available. The payment amount is due and payable immediately upon conclusion of the contract.

3.3 AOS reserves the right to explicitly authorise third parties to request the User for payment or to collect the payment. In this case the payment made to the third party shall at the same time be deemed as debt-discharging towards AOS. A payment shall be deemed as made when AOS or a third party authorised by AOS may dispose over the amount. 

3.4 AOS explicitly reserves the right to finally deactivate access codes in case of payment default or to temporarily suspend these in case of delays in payment occurring otherwise until the circumstances, which caused such delays are remedied and have been finally dispelled and a payment has been made. In case of deactivation of the access codes the language learning packages already activated until this time can then be ended with immediate effect.

4. Use of access codes

4.1 Every person at the age of 18 or above (hereinafter "User") can register on the learning platform of AOS under Internet courses at and after the completed registration and successful verification of the customer account use the free services and services liable to costs. The General Business Terms respectively currently deposited there shall apply to these contracts of use between AOS and the User.

4.2 In order to use the access codes and to activate the respective language learning package the User will enter the received access code sent by AOS team via email. 

4.3 The Internet services, which are necessary for using the AOS services, and the equipment that is necessary in this respect is solely the responsibility of the User with regard to the incurred costs, the availability and the security of the data connection.

4.4 The AOS data protection provisions, which can be viewed under Privacy Policy shall apply with regard to all user data.

5. Conditions for the use of access codes

5.1 The acquired access codes are hold by AOS. The resale to third parties no matter via which medium is not permitted without the written consent of AOS.

5.2 The access code can be used for the respective parameters chosen during the order process. The access code shall only apply to a one-off redemption. 

5.3 Access codes are limited in their validity with regard to the activation of language learning package(s) in terms of time planned for the course(s).

5.4 When it is redeemed the access code will grant a simple, content-limited right of use of the contents and services protected under copyright law on the learning platform of AOS for the respective activated period of use.

6. Liability

6.1 AOS shall make an effort to ensure a proper operation of the Online orders at all times. However, AOS will not guarantee any uninterrupted availability.

6.2 Claims of the Customer for damages are excluded insofar as not otherwise regulated below. Excluded from this are claims for damages of the Customer from the injury to life, the body, the health or from the breach of essential contractual obligations (cardinal obligations) as well as the liability for other damages, which are due to a wilful or grossly negligent breach of obligations by AOS.

6.3 With the breach of essential contractual obligations AOS will only be liable for the foreseeable damages, which are typical for the contract, if this was caused by simple negligence.

6.4 Insofar as the liability of AOS is excluded or limited this shall also apply to the personal liability of employees, legal representatives and vicarious agents of AOS if claims are asserted directly against said persons.

7. Use of customer data

7.1 With regard to all data, which relate to the business relationships with the Customer, the AOS data protection provisions shall apply, which can accordingly be called online. In case of further questions relating to the topic of data protection, requests for information or changes Babbel will be available to the Customer under

7.2 AOS is entitled to name the Customer as a reference for the further recommendation of the services and products of AOS and for this purpose to depict the Customer’s corporate logo / the corporate name or corporate marking in this respect. The Customer can revoke the naming as a reference and/or the depiction of the corporate logo at AOS in writing at all times, whereby an e-mail is sufficient.

8. Place of jurisdiction, applicable law

8.1 The law of the Republic of Serbia shall apply exclusively to contracts between AOS and the User under the exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

8.2 The parties exclude the application of the laws of conflict of international private law insofar as these lead to the exclusive application of other legal systems.

8.3 The headquarters of AOS is agreed as place of jurisdiction.

Status: February 1, 2019