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Children and Young Adults

Speak Up Serbian Programs

There are individual and group Speak-Up courses, offered in packages of ten meetings. Both individual and group courses can last 30 or 60 minutes.
If you desire to practice speaking and pronunciation with an Azbukum professor, the individual package is the best choice for you. These one-on-one carefully structured meetings will offer you tailor-made support. Time for the meeting can be arranged with the instructor to suit your free time.
However, if you want to join the conversational practice, you can take a package of either 30 or 60 minute group sessions. Number of partcipant per group conversation can be from two to six.
You just need to choose the time given by the Azbukum schedule and book your place. Prior to joining the course, you would need to test your knowledge in order to apply to the right group on the level similar to yours. 
You may also apply to both individual and group sessions, or combine a Speak Up Program with a Regular or a Focus program.
Maximum lenght of one package is five weeks. You can extend your study by enrolling to the new package whenever you want.

A2 Elementary

B1 Intermediate

Azbukum Serbian language programs are accredited by the Serbian Ministry of Education.