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Focus Program Levels

FOCUS – Beginner Level (A1)

Pronunciation Practice

Serbian Language Voices (video & listening practice) 
Vocals (video  & listening practice) 
Consonants (video  & listening practice)

Serbian Alphabets

Latin Alphabet practice 
Cyrillic Alphabet practice


Gender and Number of Nouns 
Personal pronouns and verb to be 
Possessive Pronouns 
The Present Tense 
Modal Verbs 
The Accusative Case 
The Locative Case 
Possessive adjectives 


Parts of the Day and Greetings 
Introduce Yourself 
My Family 
My Job 
My Bedroom 
My Home 
My City 
City or Village Life 
Foreigners in Serbia 
Food and Drink 
My week 
My trip 


Greetings: Hello/Goodbyе (video) 
Introduction: about yourself (video) 
Small Talk 1: Free Time (video) 
Small Talk 2: Likes & Dislikes 
Conversation 1: Shopping – grocery 
Conversation 2 In a Caffee: ordering & paying (video)