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By filling out this form, you give your consent for your child/children to attend a desired Serbian language learning program organized by the Azbukum Centre for Serbian Language and Culture.
By signing this Parental/Caregiver Consent, you authorize Azbukum staff to dedicate an AOS access code to your child/children and/or include them in the desired program.
Azbukum Centre guarantees that all the AOS content within the Serbian language learning program for children and young adults is solely intended for learning and mastering the Serbian language. All the AOS content is safe and suitable for the age group chosen.
Azbukum Centre is responsible for all the content and protection of the AOS platform, including the protection of all the students’ data.
All the information gathered during the Program regarding your child’s/children’s answers/drawings etc. (within individual tasks or essays) will be protected and may be used only for the purpose of upgrading the AOS program – technical/content-wise. If the need to use photo/video material that includes your child/children arises, you will be asked to give your permission.
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